Alexia Ferracuti


Alexia Ferracuti graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with majors in English, Italian, and Renaissance Studies.  She has earned her M.A. and M. Phil. at Yale in the combined degree program of Italian Literature and Renaissance Studies.  Currently she is completing a dissertation project provisionally entitled “Mirroring, Mimesis, and Metamorphosis in Italian Renaissance Comedy” which points to the centrality of comedy in the Cinquecento, specifically focusing on its imitative mode as a nexus between eroticism, performance, and the art of dissimulation.  At Yale she has taught courses in Italian, including the Yale Summer Session in Siena; Theatre Studies; and Women, Gender, and Sexuality.  Alexia has also served as a Graduate Fellow for the Yale Teaching Center, and has experience teaching writing-intensive courses as well as courses featuring performance.