The Department of Italian Language and Literature 
    2020 aka Department of Italian Studies

  • Giovanni Miglianti, Ph.D. 2022
    Dissertation: “The Paradox of Affect: Exposure and Modesty in Primo Levi’s Work”
  • Sandro-Angelo De Thomasis , Ph.D. 2021
    • Dissertation: “Sursum Ductio. Reasoning Upward: An Investigation Into the Vertical Structure o  Dante’s Commedia.” 
    Currently: Juilliard School’s Department of Liberal Arts teaching French and Italian.  
  • Megan Crognale , Ph.D. 2020
    • Dissertation: “The Trouble with Return: Nostalgia in Modern Italian Literature”  Currently: Alumni Fellowship Award, Visiting Lector, Yale
  • Julia Pucci , Ph.D. 2020
    • Dissertation: “Witnessing the Diaspora: Language, Memory, and (Micro)history in the Works of Primo Levi
  •  Alexandra Catrickes, Ph.D. 2019
    • Dissertation: “Cinematic Melodrama as Historical Mode: Art, Geography, and Hyper-realism in Italian Melodrama Films” 
  •  Christopher Kaiser, Ph.D. 2019
    • Dissertation: “Breaking Common Ground: Place Imagination, and Migration in Twenty-First-Century Italy”
      Currently: Program Director of Distance Learning, Columbia University

  • Anna Marra, Ph.D. 2019
    • Dissertation: “Dante and Meditation” 
      Currently:  Lecturer, University of New Hampshire                        

  •  Luca Peretti, Ph.D. 2018
    • Dissertation: “Neocapitalist Realism: ENI’s Industrial Films in the Anticolonial Era” 
       Currently:  Visiting Assistant Professor in Italian Faculty, Ohio State University
  •  Allison Hadley, Ph.D. 2018 
    • Dissertation: “Visible Cities: Literary Urban Design in Renaissance Florence”
  • Karen Raizen, Ph.D. 2017
    • Dissertation: “Arcadian Madness: The Language of Orlando in Eighteenth-Century Opera”

      Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, Bard College

  • Kyle Skinner. Ph.D. 2017
    • Dissertation: “Law, Pardon, Oath: Sacramental Language and Political Life in I Promessi Sposi”
    Currently: JD Student, Harvard Law School
  • Patrick Waldron, Ph.D. 2016
    • Dissertation: “Al Dolor Fenestra: Voice and Complicity in Dante’s Inferno”
  • Eleonora Buonocore, Ph.D. 2016
    • Dissertation: “Ciphers of Remembrance and Fluidity of Oblivion: A Study of Memory in Dante”
      Currently: Lecturer, University of Calgary
  • Simona Lorenzini, Ph.D. 2016
    • Dissertation: “Questioning the Utopian Myth in Renaissance Pastoral Drama: From Politian to Guarini”
      Currently: Lector, Department of Italian, Yale University
  • Rachael Streeter, Ph.D. 2016
    • Dissertation: “Musical Theater and Baroguw Poetics in Giambattista Marino’s Adone”
      Currently: History Teacher at Pacifica Christian High School
  • Giulia Cardillo, Ph.D. 2015
    • Dissertation: “The Question of Prophecy in Dante’s Commedia”
      Currently: Assistant Professor, James Madison University, Virginia
  • Taylor Papallo, Ph.D. 2015
    • Dissertation: “Green Scenes: Shades of Postwar Italian Cultural Ecology”
      Currently: Senior Admissions Consultant at Spark Admissions
  • Carol Chiodo, Ph.D. 2014
    • Dissertation: “Dante’s Poetry: Between Technology and Transcendence”
      Currently: Librarian for Collections and Digital Scholarship, European Languages Division, Harvard University
  • Alexia Ferracuti, Ph.D. 2014
    • Dissertation: “The Art of Ambiguity: Mirrors, Mimesis, and Metamorphosis in Italian Renaissance Comedy”
      Currently: Associate Director, Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research, Northeastern University
  • Stanley Levers, Ph.D. 2014
    • Dissertation: “Harmony and Letter: The Vicissitudes of Literal Meaning”
      Currently: Lecturer, University of California, Berkeley
  • Michael Meadows, Ph.D. 2014
    • Dissertation: “Visible Cities: The Production and Perception of Urban Modernity and Regional Identity in Italian Cinema from Fascism to the Economic      Miracle”
      Currently: World Languages Department Chair and Teacher, Prince George’s County Public Schools
  • Griffin Oleynick, Ph.D. 2014
    • Dissertation: “Dante’s Franciscan Way: The Poetry of Poverty in the Divine Comedy”
     Currently: Assistant Editor, Commonweal Magazine
  • Siobhan Quinlan, Ph.D. 2014
    • Dissertation: “Visible Speech” in Alessandro Manzoni’s I, Promessi Sposi”
      Currently: Yale University, Program Manager, Principal Gifts
  • Francesco Rabissi, Ph.D. 2014
    •Dissertation: “Realismo Visionario” Nel Nuovo Cinema d’Impegno Italiano”
      Currently: Assistant Professor, The University of Arizona
  • Maria Clara Iglesias Rondina, Ph.D. 2013
    • Dissertation:” The Trinitarian Language of the Soul: Dante’s Theological Virtues and the Ethical Self”
      Currently: Scholar, Author and Illustrator –
  • Christopher Nixon, Ph.D. 2013
    • Dissertation:” Utopian and Pedagogical Currents in the Thoughts of Giambattista Vico”

    Currently: JD Student, Brooklyn Law School

  • Mattia Acetoso, Ph.D. 2012
    • Dissertation: “In Two Voices: Opera, Melodrama and Music in Umberto Sabo and Eugenio Montale”
      Currently: Assistant Professor of Italian, Boston College
  • Kenise Lyons, Ph.D. 2012
    • Dissertation: “The Art of Writing with Light: The Photographic Presence in Italian Film, 1948-1978”
  • Diego Bertelli, Ph.D. 2011
    • Dissertation: “Al fonda della scrittura”
      Currently: Advanced Lecturer, University of Kansas
  • Andrea Moudarres, Ph.D. 2011
    • Dissertation: “The Mirror of the Enemy: Boundaries of Power in the Italian Renaissance”
      Currently: Assistant Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles
  • James K. Coleman, Ph.D. 2010
    • Dissertation: “Orphic Poetics and the Intellectual Life of Lorenzo dé Medici’s Circle”
      Currently: Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh
  • Daniel Leisawitz, Ph.D. 2010
    • Dissertation: “Rebirth on the Screen: Representations of the Renaissance in Italian Cinema”
      Currently: Assistant Professor, Italian; Muhlenberg College
  • Christiana Purdy Moudarres, Ph.D. 2010
    • Dissertation: “A Sacred Banquet: Medicine and Theology in Dante’s Inferno”
      Currently: Assistant Professor, Yale University
  • Barbara Garbin, Ph.D. 2009
    • Dissertation: “Gender and Genre. Women Writers in Fascist Italy: Benedetta Cappa Marinetti, Anna Maria Ortese, Paola Masino”
  • Erin McCarthy-King, Ph.D. 2009
    • Dissertation: “The Columbus-Language Nexus: The Influence of the New World Discovery on the questione della lingua, the perception of the ancients, and the rhetoric about grammar”
      Currently: Faculty, Quinnipiac University.
  • Kristin Stasiowski, Ph.D. 2009
    • Dissertation: “Clement Rebora: Mosaic of a Poet and Christian”
      Currently: Director of International Programs & Education Abroad, Assistant Professor, Kent State University
  • Maria Derlipanska, Ph.D. 2008
    • Dissertation: “Perceptions and Reception of the Arab in the Italian Literary Canon of Trecento and Quattrocento Florence”
      Currently: Associate Director Admission, School of Management, Yale University
  • Giuseppe Gazzola, Ph.D. 2008
    • Dissertation: “The Literature of History”
    Currently: Associate Professor, Stony Brook University
  • Filippo Naitana, Ph.D. 2008
    • Dissertation: “Dante and the Question of Happiness”
      Currently: Associate Professor of Modern Languages, Quinnipiac University
  • Lisa Wozniak-Vitale, Ph.D. 2008
    • Dissertation: “Creating the Identity of Catherine of Siena from Medieval Secular and Religious Literature”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Erin Larkin, Ph.D. 2007
    • Dissertation: “Il Mio Futurismo’: Appropriation, Dissent, and the ‘Questione della donna’ in the works of the women of Italian Futurism”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Southern Connecticut State University
  • Roberta Francesca Seaman, Ph.D. 2007
    • Dissertation: “La poesia della perdita, Passione, storia e malattia nella scrittura di Dino Campana”
      Currently: Associate Professor of Modern Languages (French and Italian), DePauw University
  • Claudia Chierichini, Ph.D. 2006
    • Dissertation: “Rude Mechanicals in Sixteenth-Century Siena: the Congrega dei Rozzi, 1531-1552”
      Currently: Visiting Assistant Professor, College of the Holy Cross
  • Alfredo Troiano, Ph.D. 2006
    • Dissertation: “Il laudario di S. Maria della Morte di Bologna. Il ms 1069 della Yale Beinecke Library”
      Currently: Researcher, University of Bologna
  • Antonella Valoroso, Ph.D. 2006
    • Dissertation: “La scena della memoria: l’autobiografia ‘mondiale’ di Adelaide Ristori”
      Currently: Lecturer, The Umbra Institute, Perugia
  • Amerigo Fabbri, Ph.D. 2004
    • Dissertation: “Heroism and Mythopoiesis: Values of the Futurist Art-Life”
  • Bernardo Picichè, Ph.D. 2004
    • Dissertation: “Splendor and Misery of a Gentleman Bourgeois in the Viceroyship of Sicily”
      Currently: Associate Professor and Director of Italian Center of Italian and Mediterranean Studies, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Alessandro Polcri, Ph.D. 2004
    • Dissertation: “Allegory and Ethics in the Chivalric Poems of the Italian Renaissance”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Fordham University
  • Paola Gambarota, Ph.D. 2003
    • Dissertation: “A Constructed Genius: Language, Culture, A Nation in Italy (1740-1830)”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Rutgers University
  • Jason Houston, Ph.D. 2003
    • Dissertation: “Boccaccio Dantista”
      Currently: Director, Gonzaga in Florence, Associate Professor, Oklahoma University
  • D. Scott Surrency, Ph.D. 2003
    • Dissertation: “Between Private Faith and Public Witness: Girolamo Savonarola and the Making of Sacred Space”
      Currently: Solemnly Professed Friar of the Capuchin Franciscans of the Province of St. Mary
  • Federico Schneider, Ph.D. 2002
    • Dissertation: “The Healing Agenda in Battista Guarini’s Pastor Fido: The Pastoral as a Musical Pharmakon for the Heartbroken”
      Currently: Associate Professor, University of Mary Washington
  • Nefeli Misuraca, Ph.D. 2001
    • Dissertation: “Rara si è scissa chiarità da naturale tenebra”
      Currently: Life Coach, the Global Hamlet, Film Editor
  • Marcello Simonetta, Ph.D. 2001
    • Dissertation: “Rinascimento segreto e umanesimo curiale: il mondo del segretario da Petrarca a Machiavelli
      Currently: College & University in Paris, France
  • Maria Truglio, Ph.D. 2001
    • Dissertation: “Beyond the Family Romance: The Uncanny Poetry of Giovanni Pascoli”
      Currently: Associate Professor of Italian, Pennsylvania State University
  • Laura Harwood Wittman, Ph.D. 2001
    • Dissertation: “Mystics without God: Spirituality and Form in Italian and French Modernism”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Stanford University
  • Hillary Lieberman, Ph.D. 2000
    • Dissertation: Poetry, Painting and Politics: Epic Ekphrasis in Virgil, Dante, Boiardo, Ariosto, Tasso and Campanella
      Currently: Associate Provost and Dean for International Programs, Barnard College
  • Joseph Luzzi, Ph.D. 2000
    • Dissertation: “Heirs of a Dark Wood: European Romantic Identity and the Question of Dante”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Bard College
  • David Noravian, Ph.D. 2000
    • Dissertation: “A stylistic analysis of Torquato Tasso’s and Critical Prose”
      Currently: Director, CB Richard Ellis
  • Stefano Baldassarri, Ph.D. 1999
    • Dissertation: “Mythography and Rhetoric of Florentine Humanism”
      Currently: The Institute at Palazzo Rucellai, Florence
  • Sherry Roush, Ph.D. 1999
    • Dissertation: “Renaissance Modes of Italian Poetic Self-Commentary”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Pennsylvania State University
  • Arielle Saiber, Ph.D. 1999
    • Dissertation: “Giodano Bruno’s Geometry of Language”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Bowdoin College
  • Massimo Scalabrini, Ph.D. 1998
    • Dissertation: “Verbum incarnatum: Folengo e la tradizione macaronica”
      Currently: Associate Professor, Indiana University
  • Gregory Trone, Ph.D. 1998
    • Dissertation: Dante’s Poetics of Sacrifice: Violence and the Limits of Prophecy
      Currently: Charles Stewart Mott Foundation