Anna Iacovella

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Senior Lector I Italian; Language Program Director
82-90 Wall St, New Haven, CT 06511-6605

Anna Iacovella, Ed.D., is the Language Program Director of Italian Language and Literature Department at Yale University. She is a Timothy Dwight College Fellow and Advisor. She graduated in English Language and Literature from the Universita’ Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples, Italy. She specialized in Italian at Southern Connecticut State University. She obtained a doctoral degree in the Educational Leadership at Southern Connecticut State University. Her research includes Educational Leadership, Italian history and Mediterranean studies, post feminism, linguistics, and pedagogy.

Some among herarticles and presentations are: Websites becoming useful tools in the language classroom, I Briganti: Gruppo Multiculturale nel Sud D’Italia, Post Feminism in Valeria Parrella’s first novel “White Space”, Fortapasc: a true hi(s)tory, Song ‘e Napule: cultural images and language acknowledgment.

Contemporary Italian Culture
The language of Journalism
Advance Conversation and Composition
Italy’s Cities: Naples
Intensive Italian Intermediate
Intensive Italian Elementary


ITAL110a, Elementary Italian I

A beginning course with extensive practice in speaking, reading, writing, and listening and a thorough introduction to Italian grammar. Activities include group and pairs work, role-playing, and conversation. Introduction to Italian culture through readings and films.

Conducted in Italian. Credit only on completion of ITAL 120.

Enrollment is managed through Preference Selection.

Term: Fall 2016
Day/Time: Multiple Offerings

ITAL145b, Intensive Intermediate Italian

An accelerated intermediate course in Italian that covers in one term the material taught in ITAL 130 and 140. Continued practice in the four basic skills begun at the elementary level. Emphasis on grammar review, vocabulary enrichment, and appreciation of literary texts. Admits to Group B courses.

Enrollment limited to 15. Prerequisite: ITAL 120 or 125.

Term: Spring 2016
Day/Time: M-F 9.25-11.15am

ITAL159a, History and Culture of Naples

Historical phenomena and literary and cultural movements that have shaped the city of Naples, Italy, from antiquity to the present. The linguistic richness and diversity that characterizes Naples; political, social, and cultural change; differences between standard Italian and the Neapolitan dialect in literature, film, and everyday life. A bridge course between L4 and other L5 courses.

Prerequisite: ITAL 140 or equivalent.

Term: Fall 2016
Day/Time: WF 1.00-2.15