Anna Iacovella

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Senior Lector I Italian; Language Program Director
320 York, Rm 526, New Haven, CT 06520-8311
(203) 432-8299

Anna Iacovella, Ed.D, is the Language Program Director of Italian Language and Literature at Yale University. She graduated in English Language and Literature from the Universita’ Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples, Italy.  She specialized in Italian at Southern Connecticut State University. She obtained her doctoral degree in the Educational Leadership at Southern Connecticut State University. Her research and writings includes Italian history and Mediterranean studies, post feminism, linguistics, and pedagogy.


Contemporary Italian Culture
The language of Journalism
Advance Conversation and Composition
Italy’s Cities: Naples
Intensive Italian Intermediate
Intensive Italian Elementary


ITAL 120 Elementary Italian II

Continuation of ITAL 110.

Term: Spring 2022
Day/Time: M-F Multiple offerings

ITAL 140 Intermediate Italian II

Continuation of ITAL 130. Emphasis on advanced discussion of Italian culture through authentic readings (short stories, poetry, and comic theater) and contemporary films. Admits to Group B courses.

Conducted in Italian.

Term: Spring 2022
Day/Time: Multiple offerings

Ital 570 Methods and Techniques in the Italian-Language Classroom

This course creates a substantial apprenticeship program for second-year graduate students in Italian. Rising teaching fellows are exposed to a variety of methodologies and perspectives historically and currently applied in teaching Italian as a foreign language with reference to global education. In order to maximize all learning opportunities, students analyze and discuss several methods without dismissing or favoring some over others. The intent is to encourage students to develop their own teaching styles, drawn from a number of important approaches to language pedagogy. At the same time, far from focusing only on methodologies and practices, the course strives to integrate other aspects of language education as well, and students have the chance both to observe classes and to develop and teach several classes of their own during the term.

Term: Spring 2022
Day/Time: Monday, 11.30 a.m.