Michael Farina

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Sr Lector I Italian
320 York, Rm 518, New Haven, CT 06520-8311
(860) 748-5142

Michael Farina is a Senior Lector I of Italian. His studies focus on Italian Language Pedagogy and Italian Medieval & Renaissance Literature. With the inner eye, his interests (and beating heart!) reside with Dante, the Humanists, and Torquato Tasso; with the other (and each exhaled breath) he focuses on teaching Italian as best he can, enthralled by the innovative uses of technology in second language acquisition.

Before coming to Yale, Michael taught for the University of Connecticut, where he founded the Outreach Program to High School Students of Italian. For Duke University he founded their Italian Language Program at ICCS in Rome, and for Trinity College, he served as Residential Dean. In addition to teaching Italian at Yale, Michael currently serves on the Executive Council of the National Italian American Foundation, the Executive Council of The UNICO Foundation, and the Executive Board of Pomfret School (his alma mater). Michael is also involved with many local charities, and is proud to serve as the Fundraising Chair of the Manchester Breast Cancer Screening Program.

Michael has published many reviews, articles, and translations, including “Tasso’s Fifty Conclusions about Love: An Introduction” (2004), “Tasso’s Cinquanta conclusioni amorose: Text and Translation” (2004), “Regarding the Interludes and Epilogue of Tasso’s Aminta” (2003), and “Tasso’s Amor fuggetivo” (2003). His most recent conference presentations have been on “Internet Reading and Communicative Language Teaching” (2003), “Tasso & Love, Or Prison and the Slow Dissipation of Poetic Vitality” (2004), “The Use of Facebook, IM, and Skype in Second Language Acquisition” (2007), and “Innovations in Intermediate Italian” (also 2007). Michael has taught courses for all levels of Italian language, Dante’s Divine Comedy, Renaissance Literature, the Poetry of Michelangelo, and Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization, and Classical Mythology.

His B.A. is in both Philosophy and Italian from the University of Connecticut, as is his M.A. in Italian Language & Literature.