Serena Bassi

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Assistant Professor
320 York, Rm 527, New Haven, CT 06520-8311
(510) 993-5013

Serena Bassi is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Italian Studies. She obtained her PhD in Italian Studies from the University of Warwick (2014). She was research fellow at the Warwick Institute for Advanced Studies (2013- 2014) and Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Cardiff University (2014- 2017). 

Her first book, Mistranslating Minority: Queer World-Making in Italy after 1968, traces the travel from the United States into Italy of theories of “sexual identity politics” at the end of the social movement era. The book argues that theories carving space for sexual minorities within sanctioned national narratives were translated and reformulated as to fit a public discourse traversed by post-fascist, catholic and communist ideologies, and their competing visions of modernity. 

She is also currently at work on The Handbook of Translation and Sexuality co-edited with Prof. Brian Baer (Kent State University). Her writing has appeared in Translation Studies, Comparative Literature Studies, Gender/Sexuality/Italy and Modern Languages Open